Dammit, Pinterest!

Oh, Hey

Hey, my name is Sarah, and I’m blogging because of my age. I’ve always “wanted to start a blog,” but “never had the time.”

I’ve also always “loved crafts,” but again, couldn’t commit the hourage. Well, I’ve had to woman up and admit to myself that my excuses were bull. I have the time. I simply have the millennial version of ADD, which revolves around B-list celebrity gossip, quizzes about oneself, listicles, pictures of kittens, and other nonesuch ridiculi; and it needs to be reigned in. Time is what you make of it and all that.

Just after I turned 28, a young woman I admired told me that the reason she had what she had and was what she was because she made a “30 before 30” list, a ceremonious list of sh*t she had to do before turning thirty, a checkpoint bucket list. I have made one such list, and because of my love of crafts and holdover desire to be a blogger, I put “make 50 Pinterest-inspired crafts/DIYs” and “blog for a year” on said list. So, “Dammit, Pinterest” is a self-challenge to make 50 Pinterest-inspired crafts (one per week for a year-ish) and then subject the one or two readers I anticipate having (Hi, Mom!) to my successes and failures.

The internet knows us Gen-Y/millennials struggle with reality and are obsessed with personal identity to the point where anxiety is chic. This blog is here to perpetuate that stereotype.

Let’s get down to business.

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